X-Ray & Ultrasound at Your Home

Discreetness was supposed to be an essential part of highly qualitative medicine, but unfortunately, nowadays it’s not always possible. Due to the large queues to basic diagnostic procedures and the general bureaucracy, many people feel uncomfortable to visit the clinics and hospitals for standard procedures. Plus, at some situations it is practically impossible to bring an injured person for an x-ray.

Medix At Home was founded in order to create the perfect solutions for these situations, which may be more common than you might think. For instance, famous athletes who get strained their muscle or feeling unwell after a practice – if they’ll approach a regular clinic, the information about the injury may reach inappropriate parties and before you know it – be blown out of proportions. It is as applicable for any type of celebrity.

Another type of people who benefit from the services of Medix at Home Company are the elderly, who are sometimes not too mobile after a certain age and for whom the journey to the hospital may bring more harm than use.

What is the Medix at Home service exactly?

The core of the company’s services is in delivering x-ray and ultrasound machines directly to the clients’ home, without the need to make a special appointment and travel to the medical facility. Plus, the company offers a quick diagnostics service for certified, highly experienced and regarded doctors to provide their professional opinion ASAP. The service may be extremely important for pointing out the problem and assigning the right treatment for it.

Medix at Home provides the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and the best human resources in the medical sphere.

The company provides x-ray and ultrasound services in the following medical areas:

  • Orthopedics x-ray – x-ray of the spine to identify fractures and\or degenerative processes.
  • Heart and respiratory system – x-ray of the chest to check for dangerous infections, difficulties in breathing etc.
  • Basin – highly crucial among elderly, to check the possible damage when falling on this area.
  • Sinuses – to check for sinusitis origins.
  • Doppler ultrasound.
  • Soft tissues ultrasound.
  • Orthopedics ultrasound.
  • Thyroid ultrasound.

And many more.

Please note that meanwhile, gynecology is not on the ultrasound list due to the sensitivity of the female and fetus health.

The Medix at Home service will put your mind at ease regarding injuries in people who find it difficult to go to the standard hospital routine, for whatever reason they have for it.

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